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Fitness de luxe. Even the gym at SO/Vienna reflects Jean Nouvel’s idea of simple luxury. Gray, black, white – the eye can relax and we finally can focus on ourselves and our physical well-being.
The hotel’s fitness studio is open 24 hours, so you can de-stress after a long meeting or easily keep to a training plan while you are away from home.


Training de luxe

You can see the love of design in the high-tech training equipment. Fitness enthusiasts will be impressed by the state-of-the-art machines. After a strenuous workout you can then take a dip in the Jacuzzi, enjoy the quiet atmosphere and truly relax.
Or you can treat yourself to one of the great spa treatments. This is what makes training fun – and where else can you find a treadmill with a view of Stephansdom?


What could be better for your body and mind than to run off some steam in the fresh air?
SO/Vienna could not be better situated for jogging in Vienna. It is close to the Danube Canal, so you can run alongside the water and the Prater – Vienna’s local recreation area. Runners can check out the routes below or ask our concierge for advice on the best places to run.

Route 1 (3.4 km)

From SO/Vienna, cross the Danube canal over Schwedenbrücke. After a short distance on Franz-Josefs-Kai, keep to the right on Stubenring and Parkring. You will soon come to the Stadtpark, a beautiful green area. Follow Vordere Zollamtsstraße, Franz-Josefs-Kai and Schwedenbrücke back to the hotel.

Route 2 (3.2 km)

From SO/Vienna, follow Obere Donaustraße along the Danube canal and then Schüttelstraße until you reach the Prater – an impressive large park with wide meadows. From here the route goes back over Weißgerberlände and Dampfschiffstraße to the hotel.

Route 3 (8 km)

From SO/Vienna, follow the Danube canal via Obere Donaustraße. Cross the canal and return to the hotel by following Franz-Josefs-Kai on the other side.

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