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Classic Vienna

Vienna’s unique atmosphere is known throughout the world. Once the center of the mighty Habsburg Empire, the city’s many magnificent buildings have been witness to a glorious past. Monumental buildings stand side by side, and art treasures of incredible historical value await visitors to the many museums. Those who walk through Vienna will experience the charm of a bygone era.


Hofburg Palace

Once the center of power of the Habsburg monarchy, Hofburg Palace embodies the splendor and magnificence of this great empire. Even today, the Imperial Palace is the official residence of the Austrian President.

Visitors can admire the private chambers and reception rooms, as well as several museums, the Austrian National Library, Imperial Chapel and Augustinian Church.


Schönbrunn Palace

The world-famous summer residence of Empress Sisi, Schönbrunn Palace, attracts millions of visitors to Vienna every year. Its baroque splendor and sprawling parkland with incredible garden art are truly impressive. Inside, rooms are steeped in history. The mirror room has played host to performances by Mozart and meetings with Napoleon as well as many other great moments of history.

Visitors can now follow in the footsteps of the Habsburgs through the magnificent ceremonial rooms and lounges. Don’t miss the Gloriette, the Palm House and the oldest zoo in the world.


Kunsthistorisches Museum

Art lovers should not miss the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna’s Museum of Fine Arts. Masterpieces by the likes of Rubens, Rembrandt, Vermeer and Velasquez are all here.
As well as holding some of the most significant works in art history, the museum also boasts the largest Brueghel collection in the world. Don’t miss the well-guarded treasures of the Habsburgs and the Egyptian-Oriental collection.

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