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About us


Call it the vibe, the rhythm, the pulse… whatever it is, a palpable beat connects guests through the spaces of SO/. The soul and hum of the destination contributes an authentic energy, an exotic “sense of place” encapsulated within each and every SO/ address. Because in truth, what ’s the point if not to live fully?
The secret to live intensely is to not follow other people’s rules.
Just as each hotel has a distinct personality and style, showcasing an avant-garde sense of design, culture and glamour, SO/ invites everyone to simply be themselves.
SO/ guests are as individual as they are creative – a colourful mix of stylish socializers from all over the world along with trendy locals who encourage and stimulate them.
Forget  politically correct. They want to have fun with likeminded trendsetters and never take themselves too seriously.

SO/ is playful and audacious, bursting with local energy as well as fashionable surprises.
SO/ hotels are home to dazzling personalities of all origins:

The place to be, to see and to be seen.
SO/ is the place for you.
Welcome to SO/ Vienna.


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